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What I learned about entrepreneurship from my hike on Chadwick Hill

What I learned about entrepreneurship from my hike on Chadwick Hill:

✔You see an inviting path opening? Follow it. If you are clear about what you really want and need, you will know to distinguish the important path.

✔Don’t choose from fear of missing out, choose from knowing what you want and need.

✔Often it will seem the path goes one direction more clearly when it is actually a dead end. That is to be expected.

✔If the path disappears, raise your gaze, and scan the landscape with an open mind. It will reappear.

✔Often, there will be written signs warning you not to go beyond. Look beyond, the path continues.

✔Often there will be obstacles, making it as if the path ends. They can look like logs or even unsurmountable boulders. Take the first few steps, you will see the path continues.

✔When you climb a boulder, don’t get fixated on it. Look around, for help. There will be plenty of branches and stubs and edges to grab onto.

✔Create milestones if you don’t have them, stop, reflect, and celebrate.

✔Have a big celebration at the top! Take in the view! Share with others!

Throughout, practice presence and connection with your emotions and new insights. Notice the distinct voice that tells you to go back. And take the meta-view, when feeling lost!


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