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Faith over Fear?

Faith over Fear?

I think it should be Faith And Fear.

As we took a trip over the holidays, deeper into Washington state, many houses had this yard sign “ Faith over Fear”. It provoked a strong reaction in me.

It puts the emotion of Fear in the least desirable position.

Yet, what I know is...that befriending Fear ... growing our ability to be with its physical sensation... understanding it’s core of truth and the interpretations we give it to magnify it, is surely the most effective (and healthy) way to get a grip on our reality, adapt and thrive in the complex world of 2021.

When repudiating Fear, we live in denial, out of reality and out of life.

Fear is a gift hard to embrace. 2020 has shown what a weak point that is, for Humanity at large and for me personally, and how much more strengthening it requires.

And here comes the role of Faith: to navigate Fear we need Faith (whatever form it takes for us), to stay open to the possibility of a favorable outcome.

For me, it is Faith in the endless human creative and innovative potential that connects us to something bigger.

So I am cheering us on to an ever-growing ability to BE with Fear and Faith in 2021 and beyond!

Happy New Year! Happy New Era!

Let's let this profound crisis to grow us in our wisdom and potential. Let's truly make it a new Era.

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