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What is your leadership wanting?

So want like the world depends on it /Because truly, it does.

Abigail Morgan Prout

In January 2017 I finally listened to a meager call in my head, constantly pointing me to this over the years, and started my participation in coaching training with the Coaches Training Institute, deepening my learning through the innovative Co-Active coaching model. Instead of discovering that coaching is my singular calling, what I found out about myself in the 6 months that followed is that I fundamentally want to help humanity access our higher potential towards a new stage in our evolution - I call it co-evolution - and that coaching is a medium to do that. I want us to take our role as Earth's crew members seriously, deepening our connection with our values and, from this, claiming responsibility for what is that we want to design into reality in this world.

From that perspective - the co-active leadership model resonated profoundly with me - "Leaders are those who take responsibility for their world."; an empowering, inclusive leadership model, that allows everyone to be a leader, as long as they claim a piece of the world they want to make better.

I am claiming Collaboration as the focus of my leadership, as the part of the world I feel responsible for. I want to understand and bring more, better collaboration and its indispensable parents - self-understanding and empathy - in businesses, social enterprises, schools, hospitals, communities and across.

I have started to creatively connect fields - science, psychology, business, theater, design thinking - to bring into reality models to motivate for and learn collaboration. I do this in the adult world - through my work at Seattle Children's Hospital and privately as a coach and facilitator for leaders and teams; I have also started to do this in the children's world - our youngest crew members - by designing into reality a new program that would have children learn mindsets for collaboration and innovation through real life design challenges, in schools. I do it all in small, iterative steps - with lots of learning and improvement along the way, looking for partnerships that are generous and generative.

I am inviting you to think - what is the part of the world you want to take responsibility for? Even in small doses.... I can't see a better time to do it!

And if you want a partner to help you build a vision, strengthen resilience in the face of limiting beliefs and design your vision into reality, one prototype at a time, let me be your partner. I am excited to lift you up as a fellow crew member of spaceship earth!

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