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How to cultivate the Leader Within – the starting point in leadership

Leadership is more than a skill set. Leadership is the fluid navigation between several mind frames. If you look at one of the models of leadership I work with in my coaching practice – The Coaches Training Institute's Co-Active leadership model – at the core of it is the Leader Within mind frame: leading with self-acceptance and self-authority, the linchpin of all the other leadership mind frames.

As I reflect back on my past, I see a journey of 12 years in which I worked inch by inch towards my essence. Towards what’s important and what’s hard. Towards my Leader Within. I see a lifetime of this process ahead of me. The destination is my increasing inner awareness and self-acceptance in every moment and the choices I am making, as I author myself forward. The destination is a creative journey of choice and resonance.

Personally, the word I most closely associate this process of self-discovery and choice with is individuation - a concept coined by Carl Jung - one of the greatest minds Humanity has given. He starts his auto-biography with a sentence that succinctly describes individuation: "My life is a story of the self-realization of the unconscious". A dictionary definition of individuation is: the process in the analytic psychology of C. G. Jung by which the self is formed by integrating elements of the conscious and unconscious mind. Individuation happens inadvertently – consciously attending to it makes life more meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling.

My leadership draws from my own process of individuation to which I attend in different ways, including working with my own coach. As a leader, I feel compelled to share this process with others - through coaching – helping people connect more deeply with their Leaders Within and make resonant choices from that place. My clients alone have direct access to their own essence, I do not. My role as a coach is to witness their unique human brilliance and be truthful to the coaching process that launches and supports them on the path of individuation – on the path of self-acceptance and self-authority.

This process helps them make a significant shift in their leadership – in their ability to articulate a vision, face limiting beliefs and fears, cross bold edges, make decisions, navigate change, strengthen relationships, bring diverse people together and integrate perspectives.

As you step into a year of new leadership possibilities: What is calling at you from within? What is worth trying even if you fail? What kind of relationships do you want to cultivate more of?

Is it time for you to bring forth your ideas in your new role? Is it time for you to take on that cross-departmental initiative you’ve been secretly contemplating? Is it time for you to go after that managerial role? Have you considered starting your own business and need to build the confidence to do it? Wanting to be more transparent with your team and coach them effectively to success? Craving to take a more active role in the community with a cause near and dear to your heart?

I would love to be your coach partner in your leadership evolution.

Happy New Year!


“We tend to think of leadership as externally focused on the objective or the goal rather than beginning with the truth of our own hearts. In reality, the self is the only place to begin. If we are not at home within ourselves, it is difficult to make grounded, conscious choices. When we are unfamiliar with the diverse terrain of our own internal landscape, our options will be fairly limited and one-dimensional.” Co-Active Leadership Five Ways to Lead by Karen and Henry Kimsey - House

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