Nimble Leadership.

An 8-week leadership mindset program

for small and scaling business

owners and leaders

to develop the agility

to grow your business 

with more ease.

Starts in March 2021. 

8 seats available.

Program Overview

  • 8 weekly 90-minute group interactive sessions

  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions with Maria

  • 1  private Facebook group

  • Plenty of opportunity for peer connection and practical tips sharing

Stoney River


"Maria, you've helped me to become a proactive, rather than reactive, business owner and manager. You've helped me identify and connect to my values and build a company that aligns with them. Instead of seeing my company as a burden of responsibility, I now see it as a vehicle for both professional and personal growth."

Caity C., CEO of highly specialized consulting firm

"Working with Maria I increased my leadership capacity by focusing on growing my inner awareness and my capacity to make decisions. I feel like inner awareness makes it more comfortable to not have clear answers and still remain in my leadership.
This is true from policies on entering our building right now to leading individuals in their own professional growth."

E. B., Managing Director, Social Innovation Strategy Consulting Firm

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